Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Let's just smile and be happy. After all, Obama is President

The cheeriness of the far left in these desperate economic ties doesn't surprise or amaze me. On the one hand, they claim sympathy for those who are out of work and struggling and at the same time they can do nothing but fawn when it comes to the President and his policies, which, obviously, do not work and will not work. The midterm elections next year should prove that, though I'm no fan of Republicans being in charge of Congress because they have done, during their tenure, exactly what they blame Obama and the Democrats for. Such, though, is the problem with the left, rather than actually come up solutions to problems, especially market solutions which are known to work, they simply go out to the major media outlets and go on for hours about how much they care and sympathize. Their intentions are good, but then they go ahead and do everything not to solve the problem.

Consider the forecasts of the OMB (Office of Management and Budget) of further economic stagnation and contraction. According to them we will hit 10.2% unemployment next year and run deficits in excess of $1.5 trillion. Of course, the reason for this further deepening of the recession will be blamed on the previous administration. Now, I will grant that, economically, the last administration did its part. But, once you throw facts into the matrix, the leftist arguments bear no teeth. Again, their arguments are built around sympathy and caring--emotions, not facts! During global recessions and depressions, the world has reacted far more negatively to the fallouts than the United States. In many ways we are buttressed to prevent long term stagnation and negative growth that the Europeans, for instance, are not. Also, one should note that in this current global recession, other major economic powers such as France and Germany, in Europe and Japan, in Asia have pulled themselves out and are showing positive growth (a 1.3% expansion in France and Germany--nothing great, but it's a start) while here in the U.S. our economy contracted by the same percentage points. So, why the difference?

Very simply. The governments of France, Germany and Japan are center-right governments who know very damn well that you don't spend yourself out of a tight fix. They avoided all the stimulus packages, the cap-and-trade bills and the overhaul of healthcare that are being considered or have passed here. These three things have sent shockwaves in the market and into businesses, big and and large in the states because they will do nothing but increase the cost of doing business. And the left wonders why there are protests and revolts against such policies. But, they say, we care, we feel your pain. You should love us because we care. There is an old adage that to help someone heal from pain, you leave them alone. Maybe the left should take that into consideration. But they won't because in order for them to show they care, they need someone to care about. So, they need people in destitute conditions, in poverty, in depression so that they can continue their love fest for the down-trodden.

In the Soviet Union, the glorious revolution was supposed to ensure equality for all. The government officials and military high ups always identified with their plight with the people and sympathized, but did they have to stand in line for bread and other necessities? Of course not. By virtue of their position (and their careing) the higher echelon of society got to shop at stores that were stocked full of all manners of items, even non-essentials which was impossible to obtain for the regular joe to get. A little side note, my brother's friend's dad, Mr. Jarvis, went over to the Soviet Union many years ago for his work (can't remember what it was) and he was just giving out pens from his company to ordinary people in the street. Most of these people didn't have pens in their own homes. A house without a pen! You've got to be kidding! No, Mr. Jarvis found that these people were trading for them because having such a simple item (which you can get here for so cheaply) was not possible. A soldier gave his soviet belt buckle, a very expensive item, to Mr. Jarvis in exchange.

Here in this country, we are told how much the government, particularly the left cares about those of us who are not doing well. And, of course, that's easy for people like Kennedy, Markey, Obama, Pelosi, Reid, Waxman, Hoyer and others to say because they will never have to endure this plight considering how wealthy they have made themselves (Well, Kennedy inherited his from his bootlegging father, Joseph, during prohibition days, but we can't talk about that!). They need us impoverished and destitute so that way they can show they care and their intentions are good. Solutions to that would mean that they would lose them. Their whole modus operandi for winning elections is showing they care for the unfortunate. Once people are no longer that unfortunate, they don't need elected representatives whose intentions only are good.

So, let's be glad because Obama is president and because he cares. Let's support him no matter what because though his policies will do absolutely NOTHING to get us out of this, it's more important that he cares and his intentions are good. Let us always remember that the road to hell is paved with those good intentions.

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