Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Just stupid

I know that this upcoming election is an important and even historic one. I know it has been contentious, to say the least. But if there is one thing that I cannot tolerate, it is this image that Barack Obama is the Saviour. If he has downplayed it, and he has to an extent, many of his followers have not. I suppose that I should refrain from saying anything because these Obama supporters are exercising their rights to free speech but that does not exempt them from the right of me and others to criticize them and chastise them once they have opened their mouths, writte down their words or taken brush to canvass or whatever. I refer to the votive candle above where Barack Obama is cast as a modern day saint with cross in hand and the traditional nimbus of a saint adorning his head. Let me make this clear--this man is a politician, he is no saint. He should not be cast as one. There are plenty of saints in the pantheon; this man should not be counted among them. I find it all the more ironic considering it is usally the Dems who flee from religion openly as being "infantile" or "irrational" or "just stupid." Do they think such stunts as this will court those people in this country who have belief? Who knows.

By the way, in the interest in fairness, I wrote to the editor once of First Things who had the image of Flanders on there depicted as a saint with Marge and Homer flanking him as Seraphim. I said that this was unworthy of such a magazine and that it served no purpose except to insult.