Thursday, November 6, 2008

Mountain lions in the city OR why liberalism doesn't work

In the news today, it was reported that a mountain lion has been seen in the city of Omaha during the course of the past month. Such occurrences happen every now and then and are not surprising. Usually people blame such occurrences on man intruding on the wild's natural habitat and so this is the result. That could be a reason, but let me posit another one.

On Tuesday, the United States made history by electing the first African American as President. We have also elected a near supermajority in both houses of Congress that could possibly enact a very liberal progressive agenda over the next couple of years until the American people (hopefully) get wind of what is really going on and do what they did back to Clinton back in 1994--repudiate him by electing the Republicans to majorities in both houses, thus stopping his agenda.

OK, the connection with mountain lions. Mountain lions are scared creatures. They will only attack when their lives of threatened and guess what? In the city, their lives are threatened but they keep coming back. Why? Well, which is easier--for the mountain lions to live in the wild and hunt their own food (which is what they were designed to do) or to wander around the streets and eat out of the trash dumpster behind the local Golden Corral? Obviously the second choice is the easier of the two.

Liberalism, in its most unrestricted form, basically keeps giving and giving without the prospect of work and what will happen to the mountain lion as a result? The mountain lion will become a dependant upon Golden Corral for its basic sustenance which it is supposed to get by hunting prey and then eating it. But the work was taken out of it so he becomes complacent. And what happens should that Golden Corral go out of business? The mountain lion will move on to the next restaurant garbage dumpster for the same thing. It will not simply revert to "hunt mode" again, though we may hope.

Is this simplistic? Of course it is. Allegory, at its heart, is always simplistic. Look at Orwell's Animal Farm. But it does get our attention.

Now I don't know for a fact that Obama and the Reid/Pelosi-led Congress will start pushing forth a socialist agenda to redistribute wealth though there are already elements at work (George Miller's plan to get rid of 401ks and put all the money into the social security "trust" fund), but if it does, it will only create dependence on other, specifically the government. And such is the hallmark of of socialist, leftist governments.

I'm a Libertarian. I believe that the greatest freedom we have is self-determination. And I'm worried that such can be taken away. But liberalism has been proven to never work. Simply throwing money at our major social and economic problems has been a failing proposition since the enactment of the Great Society under LBJ. All it has done is created a society of dependants. How many of them have actually worked their ways out of their situation? It wasn't until President Clinton signed comprehensive welfare reform that reduced those on the welfare dole and got them to work and lift themselves out. What government needs to do is to let the private sector create opportunities.

Again, it's simplistic, but the mountain lion analogy in the city may be an apt one especially if things go as they could over the next few years.

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