Tuesday, November 4, 2008

It's going to be an interesting four years

And I don't mean that in a positive sense. Today, I witnessed a bare majority of Americans turn their back on American exceptionalism and embrace the philosophy of dependence on government and entitlements which have plagued and destroyed the institutions of Western Europe for the past thirty years. It may take us a long time to get to where they are, but we have been on this road for awhile and with President Obama, it will only hasten our own demise.

American institutions were created with the idea that the individual is responsible for his own actions, that, if provided opportunities, he can create outcomes that can lift him up from where he was born. Sadly, Barack Obama does not believe in that, at least not for everyone. Barack Obama is a man who believes he was entitled to his wealth and privilege and that everyone else should remain as they are and can only prosper by government's good graces. Government is the problem and with Barack Obama in power, our own liberties and self-determination will slowly but surely be withered down.

Liberals love the movie "V for Vendetta." To them it's gospel as to what happens when a right-wing person becomes a leader. Well, the problem is that most of the disgusting and revolting acts in human history, especially recent human history were caused by leftists. Just ask anyone who lived under the oppressive thumb of Stalin, Kruschev, Pol Phot, Bashir Al-Assad, Ho Chi Minh and so on. In that particular movie, V says "People should not be afraid of their government, but government should be afraid of their people." But leftists don't want the government to be afraid; they want to expand it and make it infiltrate your life just as much as Hitler did. Barack Obama is going to take an axe to the tree of liberty.

I didn't vote for McCain either. He is a fossil and he is a leftist as well just not as transparent as Obama. The Republicans are leftists; they just move more slowly. I am hopeful that in the first two years of Barack's presidency, that the people will realize just how misguided and how anti-liberty he really is which will usher in a new direction, similar to what happened in 1994 when the Republicans launched a major blitz against the Clintons and took control of the House and Senate and made Clinton backtrack from his ridiculous socialist politics. However, the Republicans are weak and feeble and not to be trusted.

As of this moment, I am concentrating my efforts to start up a national movement of Libertarians, those who believe that government is not a solution but an impediment to liberty in all facets. I call on anyone to join the Libertarian party to start launching, as of this date, a national offensive to hopefully take in 2012 the presidency from wealthy elitists like Obama and McCain and restore this government to the non-intrusive entity it was supposed to be as intended by the Fathers.

I know I am building myself up for only greater disappointment. But, it needs to be done and it needs to be done now.

I will still pray in the offices of the Church and in the Liturgy for our president, regardless of who he is. I did so for President Bush; I will do the same for Obama. I pray God gives him wisdom and strength to do the right things and to keep this nation safe from her enemies (and yes, we do have them).

It's going to be an interesting four years. Perhaps in that time, Americans will rediscover what truly makes us exceptional. If you want to be like Europe, move there.

Tomorrow, I'm sure that I will be called a number of things--racist, uncaring, uncultured, etc. simply because I did not vote for the "annointed one." I'm no racist and I am not caring and I am much more cultured than my friends who voted for Barack. At least I can tell the difference between Haydn and Mozart, I have seen movies in subtitles, I have read books in other languages, I know several different foreign languages, I have eaten and appreciated foreign cuisines, I have been abroad, etc. So, if you want to label me with any of those, go ahead. You have only proved that you can only converse in the realm of insults and not in the realm of ideas. Such is the realm of Democrats and Liberals.

God help us all.

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MetNoesis said...

Isn't organizing Libertarians akin to herding cats? Not that it's not an admirable goal.