Thursday, November 27, 2008

The aftermath of Thanksgiving

OK, people! It's now Thanksgiving Day and you have official permission from me who is your better in all things to hang up your outlandish, gaudy, tasteless Christmas decorations which leave not an ounce of grass showing. You are now free to put down fake snow, 3 ft electric candles and yes, even Santa and his reindeer. And feel free to arrange the reindeer into explicit poses. Yes, you now have permission to do this now that we are "officially" in the Christmas season. The turkey is digesting and now we can finally being paying attention to more important things--spending outrageous amounts of money on people and getting us out of this economic funk!

Tomorrow, for me, is like any other day except I'm not going to work. I will sleep in a little and I will resume my reading on St. Athanasius' On the Incarnation. I may even take a run/walk in the park and catch up on some things for my class. I will also help my parents set up the Christmas tree and hang the lights for the outside. But I plan to make it a low key day while people embrace the true spirit of Christmas by trampling people to get that last I-pod on sale and cutting off people in the parking lot because it's easier than walking an extra 3 feet. So have fun on your first day of Christmas shopping. FYI, if I see anyone I know on the news running into the mall at 4 am tomorrow, rest assured that I will make fun of you for the rest of your or my life, whichever ends first.

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