Saturday, December 20, 2008

A Tale of 2 Santas

I hate PC (political correctness, not PCs). It is oppressive and, ultimately, a penalty for thinking independently. Oh, gosh, we can't have that! Reminds me of when Principal Skinner gasps that there have been two independent thought alarms in one day. His respons: "2 independent thought alarms in one day. The children are overstimulated. Willi, remove all the colored chalk from the classrooms." To which Groudskeeper Willi replies, "I warned ye. Didn't I warn ye? That colored chalk was forged by Lucifer himself!" This PC movement, which proponents advocates as a way to avoid conflict and tear down walls, always builds walls up and discourages independent thinking so that no one's feelings can possibly be hurt and that self-esteem does not suffer. Well, here's another great PC moment.

Black, white Santas draw some criticism
Principal cites diversity of student body

By Andy Paras (Contact)
The Post and Courier
Friday, December 19, 2008

Students at St. Stephen Elementary School found out last week that Santa Claus can have the same skin color as them.

That's because two Santa Clauses — one white, one black — were invited to the rural Berkeley County school at separate times last Friday to take pictures with students of the same skin color.

Principal Willa Norton's decision to invite two Santas has drawn criticism from a few parents and from two civil rights organizations, which said the school shouldn't have divided the students by race without asking parents first.

Marguerite Lyons, who found out about the two Santas while picking up her son outside the school Thursday, said dividing the children by race smacked of prejudice. All the children should have seen one Santa, she said.

Now, I don't care what color the Santa is--I really don't. Granted, St. Nicholas is a German-Scandinavian import (despite the fact that, in real life, St. Nicholas was Greek/Phrygian). But forcing, yes, forcing children of one race to see the Santa of the same race, do the leaders of today's civil rights movement actually think that they are promoting the dream of Dr. King to have a "color-blind" society? How is this not a replay of segregation in the south of the 1930s, 40s and 50s? Now we have one Santa for white children and one for black children. Separate but equal. That was ruled, rightly, as discrimination in Topeka v Brown Board of Education reversing Plessy v Ferguson.

The principal's justification is lame--to show that no matter what color you are, you can do everything. That's fine, but to actually promote segregation at the same time! Let's be very honest--the leaders of today's civil rights movements: Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Minister Farakhan, etc. do not want a color blind society. They want color everywhere. They want the color of skin to be on display everywhere. It's not colorblindness they are after. I would go so far as to say that civil rights for miniorities in this country have actually suffered a backlash under the leadership of these charlatans and self-profiteers and reverse racists (especially in the case of Farakhan).

What's even more alarming is this quote from the leader of the local NAACP chapter, Dot Scott: "I promise you, had you told the parents, you would have had some black parents take their kids to see a white Santa, but not one white parent would have taken their child to see a black Santa," Scott said.

Wow. What a statement! And it is the likes of this Dot Scott who dominate the modern civil rights movement. These leaders assume (just like Hillary Clinton did during the primaries and Jim Murtha insinuated about his western Pennsylvania consituency) that we needed the two santas at this school to justify that whites are, have been and always will be racist. I wonder who really is the racist here.

There needs to be an open discussion on race. In that vein, I do agree with President-elect Obama. But what we don't need is the institution of reverse racism, quotas and thought police to ensure a colorblind society. If virtue is compelled, by the government, by anyone, it is no longer virtue.

We have far to go. Legislating kindness doesn't work. In the civil rights movement, we are in the hearts and minds stage. There can be no more legislation to criminalize those who won't see skin color, no more hate crimes legislation. All this does is punish thought. Unfortunately, we are seeing the government move more and more closely to Orwellian control. Of course, it is done in the name of protecting people and doing what is right. What is right is to let people sort this out on their own.

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Katie said...

Have you been reading "1984" too much? ;) Just kidding. I agree with what you're saying. It seems like when people open their mouths in disagreement, it's either done with blatant disrespect and lack of intelligence OR....with rose colored (aka CLUELESS) glasses with no acceptance for the inevitability of diversity in society. Why do we live in this country, again?! :)