Friday, December 12, 2008

Let's make this very, very clear--Obama IS NOT Christ

During the campaign, Barack Obama was often portrayed by media, social celebrities and even some prominent religious figures to be a saint, Christ-like figure if not the Christ himself. It was ridiculous. And unfortunately, this characterization has not stopped even though Obama is now the President-Elect. Tonight, On "Anderson Cooper 180", the following was reported as a segue before commercial:

COOPER: Well, ahead on 360: a speed bump for the presidential transition or just an awkward moment? The new first family asks if they can move into the presidential guest house early, but guess what? They're told, there's no room at the inn. Why? We will find out.

Now, the context is that the Obamas wish to move into the Blair household, ostensibly so that their kids can begin private school which resumes on January 5 even though the Obamas are not due to move into the guest residence, which is right across from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue until two weeks later. For some reason, they thought they deserve special treatment.

Now, anyone who is worth their salt intellecutally will see that Anderson Cooper, who, by the way, is one of the most disreputable, unintelligent, disingenous reporters out there, is absolutely making reference to Christ. George Bush then is the mean inn keeper who sends poor Joseph and Mary out to the cave where the Christ child will be born.

Obama is NOT Christ. He is NOT Joseph. He is NOT a saint. He is the President-Elect. I have yet to see signs of divine powers from him. Let's actually wait to see him perform some miracles in government and this recession before we confer the title of Christ the King on him and then tremble because Christ has come again as He said to judge the world.

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