Monday, September 1, 2008

what's been going on

My dear readers,

Many of you have commented to me, personally and via email, that you have missed my writings. I'm very grateful that you find my musings to be worth at least a little something to you . My thanks. I'm sorry but lately, I have had neither the time nor the inclination to write much. Every great writer goes through writers block, so why not as miserable wanna-bes as well?

The time issue is obviously the most signficant hurdle right now. School is back in full swing, my responsibililties to the church are very high right now and even my social calendar has become a little bit more booked than I am accustomed.

But what should I write about? I could comment on the election, but pretty much all of you know my views on both Obama and McCain and how I like neither of them and think that they are both elitists centering their campaigns on the plight of the common man while they themselves are such insiders that no change will ever take place. That's why I vote Libertarian, if just maybe Washington would be shaken up a little. I could also write about just random things in this world, like things I put up in my poll, but for that to work, people have to make a choice. I could comment about my students and how far too many of them will not live up to their potential and would rather give themselves over to the rap/hip-hop culture to make it rich quick without any contributions to the society which helped procure that for them. All of these are great topics. I could comment on the Georgia-Russia conflice, the situation in the Orthodox Church of America, all of these things. But, for one reason or another, I will stay silent now.

However, know that I shall return. I often liken myself (with perhaps a little too much arrogance) to a modern Diogenes with his lamp, but for right now, I've decided to put away my lamp and retire to simply let knowledge find me than let myself find it.

Inspriation happens when we least expect it. Expect a new post when you see it.

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