Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Democrats hate life and themselves and here's the proof

A Simpsons Episode features STampy, Bart's elephant, running rampant through Springfield. He wonders into a Republican headquarters where the people, upon seeing an elephant, erupt into cheers. THe banners hangning from the rafters say "We want what's worst for everyone" and "We're plain evil." As Stampy gets to the Democrat headquarters, the place erupts into boos. The banners hanging from the rafters say "We hate life and ourselves" and "We can't govern."

Anyways, if you needed proof that the Democrats to hate life and themselves, ask yourself why the Democrats insist on having Barbara Streisand perform at their events. Considering how much better and less painful-to-hear and witness entertainment exists out there, this proves that the writers of the Simpsons were on to something. Just a thought.

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