Thursday, July 17, 2008


Hi, everyone. As you may already know, I'm departin for England and Germany tomorrow for a couple of weeks. As you can tell, I'm very excited and looking forward to returning home to my roots (at least on my mom's side). On this blog, I hope to post a journal of my (mis)adventures. I will not be doing so to brag although I may do that just to irritate a few of you, but I won't (yet). So check back every now and then and see what trouble I'm getting into. (I don't plan on causing an international incident but you know how stubborn Germans can be!). Also, if you have any souvenir requests, put them in the comments section. Please, no requests for Mercedes, BMWs or Porsches. You think if I had that money I would blow it on you?! I mean REASONABLE souvenir requests like a flag or a hat or liederhausen. Alcohol, maybe. We'll see. OK, I'll see you in a few weeks. Take care everybody.


Katie said...

I want a postcard! :) Ask me for my address later. haha

Suzie said...

Please bring back some yummy German chocolate :-)