Friday, December 4, 2009

Is it any wonder that no one trusts the media anymore?

Consider the headline: Unexpected drop in jobless rate sparks optimism. This is the headline on Yahoo! Finance. This is just more proof that the media simply doesn't get it and is again participating in the 24-7 fluffing session for Obama.

Two things immediately come to mind when reading this. First, even doing a simple google search, you will find this same basic headline for the past year all talking about how fewer people filing for jobless benefits seems to indicate that the recession is turning around. And then, the next week, the figures go back up. The media has been saying this since unemployment was 7% and look where we are now: over 10%! It may be down from 10.2%, but that's hardly worth getting into a sexual frenzy over!

Second, jobless claims are going to go down because of the fact that more people are employed at this time of year, but only temporarily and/or for part-time. Why? Because it's the Christmas season and a number of businesses, mainly retailers and also companies involved with delivery, like UPS and Fed-Ex, need to keep up with the increased demand, diminished as it is this year.

The media is so in bed with Obama they may as well make an X-rated movie out of it and try to sell it, although I think they would be the only ones buying. The fact that the media tries to push this every time and expect the American public to buy into it, hook-line-sinker, really only proves and exascerbates just how out of touch and blatantly partisan the media is.

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