Friday, October 9, 2009

If I am ever nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize...

I hope I don't win. How can I ever even think to be in the same glorious company of such peacemakers as Jimmy Carter, Mikhail Gorbachev, Al Gore and now, Barack Obama? I'm totally undeserving and have done nothing, but then again neither has Barack Obama.

Let's summarize Obama's accomplishments that clearly make him a peacemaker in the world.

1) Has let Iran continued to build a nuclear facility and even when he had the attention of the world at the UN security council, which he chaired, to enforce sanctions against Iran and the power to do it, he, instead, didn't want to be diverted by that issue from talking about his dreams of a nuclear-free world.

2) Has chided the Israelis and placated the Palestinians.

3) Has sold out our stalwart allies in Eastern Europe, the Czech Republic and Poland by abandoning the implementation of a missile shield to protect against Russian and Iranian missiles and did so on the 70th anniversary of the Soviet invasion of these countries. He has only emboldened adversaries such as Russia and Iran.

4) He has not ended any war. In fact, he's planning to escalate military efforts against the Taliban and Al-Qaida in Afghanistan.

5) He refused to back the dissidents in Iran who were rightfully protesting the rigged election in Iran.

6) He continues to openly support deposed wannabe dictator Zelaya of Honduras who was expelled from Honduras for violating the Constitution.

So, it's all about good intentions, then? I guess actual accomplishments don't matter anymore. So now I need to reward students who merely intend to get good grades rather than actually do it for themselves. That is essentially what the Nobel Committee did--they awarded good intentions. Obama has done nothing. Now, he may very well do something eventually that should be worthy of a prize. But he hasn't. It's that simple. Even Lech Walensa, the leader of Solidarity in Communist Poland in the 1980s against the Soviet puppet government and who won the award himself said Obama was undeserving.

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