Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Waiting, waiting and waiting some more

Patience, some say, is a virtue for the young. I don't know if I can be considered young anymore (I will be 33 on Saturday), but even if I can still fit into that category, I know one thing...I don't have patience.

I expected today to be the day where I would find out whether I got this job in the state of Washington. It would be an excellent opportunity for me for any number of reasons because I would be able to teach at a private, small, yet growing Orthodox school and I'd be able to get out of the Midwest. Don't get me wrong: the midwest is a nice place but I've lived here all my life and it's time for something new.

The phone rang and I recognized the number only to be told that the decision, which was to be announced today, is going to be postponed until tomorrow. So, I have another day of anxiety, almost no sleep, pacing, worrying and just general unease. The waiting is the hardest part!

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