Friday, January 2, 2009

New Year's Resolutions

As cliche as it is, I am actually listing for all to see, my New Year's Resolutions. How well I will actually follow up on them is anyone's guess. All I think that New Year's Resolutions really do is pinpoint just how undisciplined most of us really are. Of course, I always have a substantial and substantive list and to actually accomplish everything on there would be a monumental achievement, but I should be merely content to have some of this achieved. So, without further delay, my list:

1) Go to the gym with as much frequency and intensity as last year.
2) Eat better and cut out fast food, which is really easy to succumb to.
3) Keep the fasts of the Holy Orthodox Church with greater faitfulness, not only for what I ingest but for those disciplines which really make it worthwile, namely, greater prayer and alms-giving.
4) Read every single day.
5) Finish up my certification credentials.
6) Keep chanting and learning new melodies as well as Byzantine notation.
7) Start learning some basic Arabic.
8) Watch less TV.
9) Get more control on my finances.
10) Be more peaceful and joyful.

So, that's my list. Let's see how well it plays out. Happy New Year to everyone.

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Katie said...

I especially like #10, my friend. :)